Exhibitor Registration Process

Dates &

  • Thursday 23rd –Saturday25th April 2020 | Daily opening hours: 09h00 – 17h00 | For exhibitors: 08h00 – 17h30
  1.  Name Badges application: Friday 3rd April 2020
  2. Application for Services (DOT): Friday 27th March 2020
  3. Stand construction (for those under the Blue Roof) 21st April-22nd April 2020
  4. Exhibitor Stand Branding Dates: 20th -21st April 2020
  5. Exhibitor Badge collection: 20th-23rd April at the Event Venue
First and Second day will be Trade days and the third day will be open to the general public.
Any late applications for services will attract a 20% surcharge


  1. Applications can only be made by using the official stand application forms on the TAKULANDIRANI 2020 portal tourism.mw 
  2. Applicants are requested to fill in the forms carefully and completely.
  3. Receipt of application does not imply any subsequent entitlement to application to participate in the exhibition.
  4. Applications received after the application deadline will be waitlisted and can only be considered in case of remaining available spaces.
  5. Details entered by the exhibitor on the application will be deemed to be correct as the very details will be pulled through to the contract.

1. Register on Portal

2. Download / Receive contract from event managers

3. Submit signed contract

with a copy to nnansongole@gmail.com

4. Receive invoice and countersigned contract

5. Make payment

6. Allocation of stand

MITE 2020 Stand Rates

A minimum stand size is 9sqm. An Exhibitor may be allocated a larger stand upon request
However this may affect their preferred stand location in the Exhibition Hall



Shell Scheme (Booth with lighting, table and two chairs)
1. Small Tourism Enterprises Basic Booth (Open on one side) - K20,000 per square meter Prime Booth (Open on Two sides) - K28,000 per square meter
2. Medium Tourism Enterprises Basic Booth (Open on one side) - K35,000 per square meter Prime Stand (Open on two sides) - K55,000 per square meter
3. Non Tourism Businesses Basic Booth (Open on One side) - K55,000 per square meter Prime Booth (Open on two sides) - K85,000 per square mere
NB: Booths will be available from 9, 18, 27 and 36 square metres


Open area between Banqueting halls and the Auditorium - will be turned into an Exhibition Area) Stand Space only (To allow creative designs/ displays by Exhibitors
NB: Minimum space available is 36sqm
1. Tourism Businesses First 9sqm shall cost K180,000 and thereafter K55,000 per square meter
2. Non Tourism Businesses First 9sqm shall cost K252,000 and thereafter K85,000 per square meter.
***for every 9 square meters there will be 2 free badges and 2 free MITE branded bags


Department of Tourism

Tourism House, Off Convention Drive

Private Bag 326

City Centre, Lilongwe


Contact Info

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +265 1 775 499 / 722 702

Cell: +265 999 049 439

Fax: +265 1 775 494