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04-26-2018 - 04-29-2018
Zomba Tourism Association

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Zomba is a lovely city at the foot of the massive Zomba Plateau. It used to be the capital, so the town has everything a traveller needs; banks with ATMs, an immigration office to extend you visa, a post office, supermarkets, 2nd hand clothes shops and one of the biggest markets in Malawi.

From Zomba you travel to Mount Mulanje in a couple of hours, Liwonde national park with the big five is 1 hour drive away and the great beaches with thousands of colourful fish (chiclids) in the water and stunning sunsets in Cape Maclear is just 3 hours driving. Only 1,5 hours from Blantyre’s Chileka Airport, Zomba is a great place for your first nights in the country. Zomba has the typical chaos of a dusty market town, but the higher you climb towards the Zomba Plateau, the more stunning and pristine the scenery becomes. Zomba Plateau has forest trails, waterfalls and sweeping views over the surrounding plains.

The plateau rises up 2000m above sea level and it offers a good spot for hiking, walking, riding and bird watching. It has the oldest forest reserve in Malawi and houses a large dam. Zomba is known as fruit capital of Malawi. On the mountain you’ll find berries and more.


04-26-2018 - 04-28-2018

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Zambia Tourism Agency is the national tourism marketing and regulatory agency of the Government of the Republic of Zambia responsible for the marketing and promotion of tourism both locally and abroad. Zambia is the home of the Victoria Falls - One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and 20 national parks. The country boasts of a plethora of tourist activities which include adventure, culture and natural heritage. Many other opportunities abound, come to Zambia and Let's Explore!


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Malawi Tourism Council(MTC) is an official umbrella body that represents and acts for the private in the Tourism Sector in Malawi.

MTC is a non-profit Trust that was incorporated under the Trustees Incorporation Act on 13th December, 2012. The Council promotes the value of the Malawi tourism; advocates and lobby for policy change; and provides strategic direction and united voice for the sustainable development and growth of the tourism industry.

MTC is headed by a Board of Trustees and works through an elected Board of non0Executive Directors representative of the tourism industry. The Board of Directors implements its functions through the Secretariat which is headed by an Executive Director.


2.Mandate, Vision, Mission and Core Values




MTC is mandated to be an official umbrella body that represents and acts for the Tourism Private Sector in Malawi; provide strategic direction and leadership on key issues and opportunities for the tourism industry; advocate and lobby with Government and other relevant institutions for policy change and/or formulation.




The leading, efficient, highly reliable and influential representative umbrella body of the Tourism Private Sector in Malawi. An effective and efficient public service that facilitates the realization of national aspirations.




To take our Members to greater heights in their quest to realize their aspirations through Effective and Efficient provision of professional guidance; coordination between and among sub-sector associations; and linkages between the associations and the Government and other stakeholders.


3.Core Values


Industry and Community Centred


MTC will seek to:


  • Understand industry and community needs and respond timeously, efficiently and effectively to the queries and requests.

  • Listen to and act on what can put the industry and community first - with dignity and respect.


    Transparency and Accountability

    MTC will seek to:


  • Discharge duties and responsibilities openly while observing members’/customers’ confidentiality and rights.
  • Take responsibility for our own decisions and actions, as well as its members’ actions, and always act in a transparent manner.
  • Create communication channels for stakeholder engagement.




MTC will seek to:


  • To put the interests of the members as well as all clientele above our own and shall conduct ourselves in the manner that is above reproach.
  • Act in good faith in all its day to day activities and display humility.
  • Exercise care not to disclose confidential information.




MTC will seek to:


  • Have a commitment to ethical behavior and focus on justice and fairness
  • Discharge its duties ethically following standard procedures using highly qualified, competent and skilled staff.
  • Understand customer needs and respond timeously, efficiently and effectively to customer queries and requests



MTC will seek to:


  • Be Results-oriented and cost-effective in its work
  • Strive for quality and high performance


Community Engagement/Participation


MTC will ensure that its members of staff:


  • Work closely with its stakeholders and community in particular, by constantly engaging them in all relevant activities.





MTC will seek to:


  • Adopt global best standards for sustainable/responsible tourism practices that uphold ecological integrity, promote economic development, and respect local cultural values of the people of Malawi.



Legislative and Other Mandates

There are a number of legislative and other mandates that inform and guide the operations of the Tourism Industry. These include Constitutional mandates, legislative mandates which are enshrined in the specific Acts of Parliament, policies and international and regional obligations

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